Portraits of Jesus

Date: Wednesday 15th & 22nd May, 5th & 12th June
Time: Drinks from 6.00 pm / Talk starts at 6.30 pm

The Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John bear witness to the ministry, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus. And yet, each Gospel portrays Jesus, along with his actions and words, a little differently. How are we to understand these differences?

The Gospels are best understood as an ancient Greek genre called bios, which means life. But whilst it’s true that the word biography comes from this term, the goal of the authors who employed this genre was to paint, as it were, a portrait of a person.

And so, just as a no two portraits of the same person are the same, with each artist seeking to draw out a different perspective, so it is with the Gospel writers. Each highlights certain themes that together make up their particular portrait of Jesus.

In a series of four talks, Fr David introduces the origins and main themes of these four 'portraits' which, when taken together, give a vivid picture of Jesus of Nazareth – a figure who changed the course of world history.